Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Association
President – John Sicilia, Chief of Police (Northern Regional Police Department)


Welcome to the Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Association website.

I am very fortunate for having been named President of this Association for 2021 For more than fifty years the organization has promoted cooperation between the law enforcement leaders and citizens of Allegheny County.

We advocate for police officer training and offer best practices for each police department in Allegheny County. The policies developed within the Allegheny County Chiefs have been thoroughly vetted and are offered to all police departments for their customization and implementation.

We strongly promote legislation that will protect officers and citizens alike. We also strive to keep our citizens informed through the literature we have authored. If you have an opportunity to look at our Accomplishment section, I think you will find that we are very proactive and responsive to the everchanging landscape.

Our close working relationship with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s office has resulted in several initiatives that have aided in investigations, resulted in protection for our senior citizens and brought awareness to persons with autism. This cooperative effort has also enabled the police to prosecute crimes that previously would have remained unsolved, due to the initiation of the Precious Metals website.

We are about to embark into the third decade of this century and I know the strong leadership of this organization will rise to meet any challenges that we may encounter.

John Sicilia, Association President