Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Association President:

Brian Finnerty
Chief of Police, Pleasant Hills Borough Police Department


President’s Message

I am honored to be named the President of the Allegheny County Police Chiefs Association for 2024. I want to acknowledge the leadership provided by Chief Craig Campbell over the last year and the past Presidents who have led this organization with honor and integrity. I am looking forward to working with the newly elected and returning board members to continue to enhance the mission and purpose. My mission is to continue strengthening our relationships that have been built internally and externally and to serve our communities. Our greatest asset is our personnel; our greatest strength is our partnership with the community.

As the President; I will serve and uphold the mission and purpose of the Allegheny County Police Chiefs Association as stated below with integrity, respect and dignity.


The mission and purpose of the Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Association:

Promote and foster close relationships between the members and the public in law enforcement matters

Enhance training and education for municipal police

Encourage social, patriotic and fraternal activities in order to promote civic and cultural betterment in the communities we serve

Create and maintain adequate and proper standards for efficient law enforcement

Foster cooperation among all law enforcement agencies and to advocate uniform legislative action in an effort to professionalize law enforcement.



Chief Brian J. Finnerty