Established in 1967, the Allegheny County Chiefs of Police Association is a non-profit
organization dedicated to improving law enforcement in Allegheny County.   

Our Members Include The

  • Chiefs of Police,
  • Assistant Chiefs of Police,
  • Superintendents of Police, and
  • Captains of Police of the police departments of the various political subdivisions within Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, as well as Life Members, Associate Members, and Honorary Members.

Our Membership Includes The

  • District Attorney of Allegheny County,
  • Sheriff of Allegheny County,
  • Superintendent of the Allegheny County Police,
  • Chief of Police of the City of Pittsburgh,
  • United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania,
  • Special Agent-in-Charge of the Pittsburgh Office of the FBI,
  • Special Agent-in-Charge of the Pittsburgh Office of the Secret Service.


Our Goals Include

  • Promoting and fostering a close working relationship among our members and between law enforcement and the public;
  • Planning for the education and training of police officers;
  • Encouraging social, patriotic, and fraternal activities in order to promote civic and cultural betterment of the communities which we serve;
  • Aiding in creating and maintaining standards for efficient law enforcement;
  • Advancing and developing effective means for the detection and prevention of crime;
  • Advocating uniform legislation for police officers.